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Johanna Stedt

Doctoral student

I’m a marine biologist and PhD-student with a special interest in marine mammals and their behaviour. During my PhD-studies I will focus on the ecology and social group structure of the harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena). My research is carried out in collaboration with the Marine Biological Research Centre at the University of Southern Denmark and the Museum of Natural History in Stockholm.

Predator-prey interactions between harbour porpoises and fish

I will begin my research by studying predator-prey interactions between harbour porpoises and fish. How does the harbour porpoise search and hunt for prey and how does the fish respond to predation maneuvers by hunting harbour porpoises? I will also investigate if the hunting strategies of harbour porpoises are context dependent and if they vary between (1) different geographical areas, (2) during different diurnal phases and seasons, and (3) between different harbour porpoise group structures. In my research I will also study the temporal and spatial distribution of harbour porpoises in relation to their prey, in order to try and better understand the habitat use and ecological role of the harbour porpoise. To answer these questions I typically use acoustic data and visual observations collected by use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).

Harbour porpoise

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Johanna Stedt
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Doctoral student

Aquatic ecology

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