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Jep Agrell

Director of Studies

Although born and raised in Lund, I started my studies at Stockholm University (Earth Sciences). However, I quickly came to my senses and began my Biology studies in Lund. I specialised in Animal Ecology and my PhD project was on population dynamics and behaviour of small rodents (field voles, Microtus agrestis, which are really cute when you actually get to see them). Since I needed to know more about plants and their interactions with herbivores, I made my Post-doc at the University of Wisconsin (Madison), working with Rick Lindroth´s excellent group. Here, I also got into Global Change research, and back home I continued my research on effects of elevated CO2-levels on plants and insects.

Since I have always loved teaching, I slowly moved over from research to working with education. Currently, I am Director of Studies for Biology Education. This means, apart from some actual teaching, also more strategic work with educational questions, examinations, programmes and new courses. In addition, I try to make Biology in Lund even more visible, e.g. through programmes with high-schools, the Cultural Night (Kulturnatten i Lund) and other activities.

I work in very close cooperation with the Study Advisors and the Education Administrators, but also of course with the Lecturers and Co-ordinators within the Department of Biology as well as the other Science departments.

At the moment I have no ongoing research, but through my work with the Animal Parks in Sweden (see below) I am involved in some conservation projects.

My main teaching is currently the co-ordination of the Introductory Semester, which was initiated to allow students with a background in, e.g., social studies to start with science. Here, I am also responsible for one of the four courses, MNXA10, which introduces these students to Biology, Geology, Earth Sciences and Environmental Sciences.

On the faculty level, I am involved in e.g. recruitment and the initiation of an education for teachers at Lund University.

I am happily married, have two sons, one dog, two fat cats and live in Torna Hällestad outside Lund.


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