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Janne Swaegers

Postdoctoral fellow | PhD

During my PhD and postdoctoral position at the University of Leuven (Belgium) I studied the evolutionary processes during recent range expansion and thermal adaptation in two damselfly species. Subsequently, I explored RNA interference possibilities in odonates in (semi)natural conditions during my postdoctoral position at the Free University of Berlin. In general I am interested in disentangling the evolutionary processes driving population differentiation using genomics/transcriptomics.

Together with Bengt Hansson I am studying the factors that lead to genomic divergence between two closely related and hybridizing damselfly species of the Ischnura genus (I. elegans and I. graellsii) with emphasis on the role of the X chromosome. Hybridisation between these two species is the consequence of the recent anthropogenic-driven range expansion of I. elegans into the northern and western regions of Spain. As populations in these regions vary in their timing of sympatry, we will be able to test the direction of permeability of species boundaries for loci under sexual and natural selection in time.

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Janne Swaegers
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Postdoctoral fellow



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