Portrait of Jadranka Rota. Photo.

Jadranka Rota

Museum curator

Portrait of Jadranka Rota. Photo.

A Tale of Two Caterpillars and Reclassification of Cerathosia Smith and Cydosia Duncan [& Westwood] (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae)


  • David L. Wagner
  • Kevin L. Keegan
  • Berry B. Nall
  • Valerie G. Bugh
  • Jadranka Rota

Summary, in English

The life histories of Cerathosia tricolor Smith and Cydosia aurivitta Grote & Robinson are briefly described and their larvae figured. Data from seven gene regions (>5,500 base pairs) as well as larval morphology suggest both moths are misclassified in Eustrotiinae and Cydosiinae, respectively: Cerathosia Smith is transferred to Stiriinae, Cydosia Duncan [& Westwood] is transferred to Metoponiinae, and Cydosiinae is reduced to a tribe within Metoponiinae.


  • Biological Systematics


  • Cooperia
  • Metaponpneumata rogenhoferi
  • rain lily
  • Spigelia




  • ISSN: 0024-0966