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Jadranka Rota


Research Interests

My main interests are systematics, historical biogeography, ecology, and morphology of various groups of Lepidoptera. I am especially interested in elucidating different aspects of the evolutionary history of a group, such as divergence times, changes in host plant use or morphological evolution, which can be done with a well-resolved molecular phylogeny in hand. Metalmark moths (Choreutidae), a mainly tropical family with a little over 400 species described, are my main focus, but I have also worked on a number of other groups of Lepidoptera (e.g., non-ditrysians, acanthopteroctetids, totricids, butterflies, noctuids) and will continue to do so in the future.

Brief Biography

My interest in Lepidoptera developed while I was an undergraduate in Croatia at the University of Zagreb. I thoroughly enjoyed the research I did for my diploma thesis “Butterflies of Paklenica National Park” and I quickly became determined to base my career on similar research. As research opportunities in Croatia were somewhat limited, I decided to continue my studies elsewhere and I ended up going to the University of Connecticut to work with Dave Wagner as my advisor. In 2003 I completed my Master’s Thesis, and in 2007 my PhD, both focused on metalmark moths (Choreutidae). From Connecticut I went to Washington, D.C. for two years to work as a postdoc at the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution), and from there I returned to Europe in 2010 for a two-year postdoc at the Danish Museum of Natural History in Copenhagen, where I worked with the late Niels Kristensen. From Denmark I moved to Finland to the University of Turku, where I worked as an experienced researcher funded by the Kone Foundation for three years (2013–2015). Since the beginning of 2016 I have been employed as a researcher in Lund.


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