Corona/Covid-19 and the education at the Department of Biology

This information was updated on January 13, 2021.

Based on the situation with Covid-19, Lund University and the Faculty of Science have set up rules and recommendations for teaching during the pandemic.

Specific regulations apply until January 31 2021students are only allowed on campus for compulsory course components (primarily labs, and this includes necessary laboratory work for degree projects), and to access information, references and technical resources needed for examination. If you have a problem with unstable internet, e.g. for an on-line exam, contact your course leader.

So during this time you are not allowed to sit and study or write on the premises. The doors to our buildings are locked and you need to use your LU-card to get in. The library will be have reduced opening hours (check, primarily for handing out and in books.

Lunch- and group rooms will be closed so if you have a full day lab, make sure you can eat something during lunch (go home if you live nearby, go out and buy lunch, bring pick nick and eat outside etc).

The basic principle is teaching that can be carried out on-line with maintained quality takes place on-line. Practical, compulsory components (such as laboratory work and field exercises) are carried out on site. For all components carried out on-site, we have performed a risk assessment, which also includes the need for protective equipment.

The following applies to courses at the Department of Biology:

  • We give lectures online, generally in Zoom
  • We carry out group exercises and seminars in Zoom
  • We carry out laboratory work on campus, with more space and extra protective equipment
  • We cancel excursions during January, but later hope to be able to carry them out, but some may take place near Lund
  • We conduct examinations (e.g. written exams) in Zoom

We take the following precautions to minimize the risk of infection:

  • Reduced number of students in classrooms, labs and public areas
  • Everyone must keep a social distance, in classrooms and foyers, as well as in libraries and lunchrooms
  • Everyone must avoid congestion when entering and leaving teaching localities
  • Hand wash and hand disinfectant are available
  • You must wear a lab coat and mouth guard in our labs (additional protective equipment may be required during certain laboratory work)
  • Signs that remind you to keep a social distance are placed out in our buildings
  • During transport by bus (for excursions, for example), mouth guards must be used and there must be enough space so that everyone can keep social distance