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Personal web page

To be findable, all staff members that stay longer than six months should have a personal presentation page at the department's external website. This is what that page shall include.

To start, please have a look at the structure of the research pages of our web site You will get a general idea of the structure, with staff presentations and project descriptions, which are linked to each other. You find a list with all personnel at our external website. Please note that your current research project(s) should not be described in your personal presentation.

Publications are listed with a feed from the Lund University research database LUCRIS and are thus automatically updated as your new LU publications are published and retrieved from ISI into the system. Also, your contact details are retrieved from the Lucat system, so please make sure that details are correct there. Do not publish any pdfs with publication lists!

Material to be submitted to the web publisher

  • Presentation text (see details below)
  • List of current PhD students/supervisors/main PostDoc host
  • Photo (see details below)
  • Specification of which current project you work within (if not applicable, discuss this with the web publisher)
  • If desired, a CV as PDF file (don't forget to update this continously)
  • Any other relevant files which you wish to be made accessible directly from your page
  • Any relevant links which you want on your personal page. We do not link to any personal websites outside the domain.


In the instructions for our web publichers there is a section about what to do and what to not do when you are writing a web text. Please have a look at this before you start writing your presentation text.

Write your presentation text including your background (important previous positions), major research interests/themes, possibly teaching experience/interests, etc. If you are a member of several research groups, this page will be linked to from all research groups and should thus reflect all your interests/affiliations.

You also have a personal page in the Lund University’s research database LUCRIS. The information at your personal page at the department’s web shall be like the personal letter you write when you apply for a position. While the information at your personal page in LUCRIS shall be more like a CV.

Subdivide your presentation in a couple of paragraphs and we encourage you to use headers, maximum two levels. This increases the readability a lot. Bullet or numbered lists may be used for clarity. Please note that no references (citations) should be included in the text!

Do not make the presentation too long! Try to keep it at around of 250 words.


A portrait of you is mandatory. You may add additional photos if you want to. All photos should be submitted as individual .jpg (or .png) files (i.e. not pasted into the document containing your presentation text) – both in original resolution and cropped/resized according to below. Also submit an alt-text. This is a text that describes what is in the photo for people not able to see it. The alt text shall not be the same as any caption. A caption is an explanatory text.

Please conform to the format specifications! Moreover, it is good to follow a naming convention.

  • Presentation photo – picture of your face or a photo where your face is clearly visible. Format: width 224 pixels, as high as necessary. Name: FirstnameLastname.jpg. Please do note that the face must be rather zoomed in to be clearly visible! Mandatory. Appears at the top of the right column.
  • Project photo – an organism/environment/something that adds to your research interests. Format: width 224 pixels, height preferably less (landscape orientation). Name: FirstnameLastname_whatisinthephoto.jpg. Will appear further down in the right column.
  • Further photo – that are relevant to your research – to be placed in the main (left) column. Format: width maximum 432 pixels, height preferably less (landscape orientation). Name: FirstnameLastname_whatisinthephoto.jpg, FirstnameLastname_whatisinthephoto.jpg etc.

Do not hesitate to contact Inger Ekström or your web publisher if you have any questions about your personal web pages.


If you are new to Lund University, you will need to register/ import details about your publications to the Lund University’s research database LUCRIS. This is the source for all information/ listing of publications, and no static references/lists are accepted. This thus means that you will have to make a one-off effort to get your publications into LUCRIS. Please note that this goes also for previous publications that were published before you joined Lund University, since your publication profile is based entirely on LUCRIS. You will find an instruction for how to do at Lund University’s Staff Pages.

After having set this up, any new publications (with your LU affiliation stated in the paper) should automatically be added, since records are downloaded on a monthly basis from ISI.

Page Manager:

Contact information

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E-mail: Inger [dot] Ekstrom [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Jan Olsson
Research Journalist
Department of Biology

Telephone: +46 46-222 94 79
E-mail: jan [dot] olsson [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se


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