Informations screens

To assure that everybody get the same information, we have installed information screens in connection to the entrance halls in both the Biology and Ecology buildings.

Submit content

If you arrange an activity and want it to be seen on the screens, follow these steps:

Send in your material well in advance before the actual event. We will go through the submitted files every Friday morning during the terms and schedule the screening.


  • Only include the most important, nobody stops in the entrance hall to read an abstract!
  • Catch the people passing by with an attractive and relevant title.
  • Make it clear if the information is for one specific target group and not open to all.

Life span

We publish the file no longer than two weeks before the event and it is deleted directly after the event. Information without a clear deadline will normally be shown for two weeks. If you want your material to be shown a shorter or longer period, state that when you submit the file. We will then decide if it is motivated.

Prioritising of content

If there is a high demand for info to be shown on the screens, we will prioritise among the content like this:

  • Information targeting personnel at the department
  • Information targeting our students
  • Information targeting external visitors


The calendar events on the info screens are fetched from the department's Google calendar. If you want to have access to this calendar for the input of events, please contact Inger [dot] Ekstrom [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se.

Layout and information safety

All content submitted to the info screens must follow Lund University’s graphical profile and guidelines about information safety. To assure the right format and graphical appearance use our PowerPoint template (compressed .zip, 656 kB). We reserve us the right to not publish any material that is not following ethical rules or breaking the law.