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Mid-Term Review

The mid-term review consists of a mid-term paper and a seminar in which the doctoral student presents the paper. The mid-term review is an opportunity for the doctoral student to give an overview of their research field and show preliminary results. The mid-term seminar is based on the mid-term paper and tries the student’s ability to coherently and scholarly present their own research and put it into perspective.

A reviewer from Lund University will scrutinise the report and lead the discussion during the seminar. The mid-term review is compulsory and should take place at the latest after two years and four months of full-time study. It is worth 15 credits. The midway review is examined by the departmental representative.

The mid-term paper

The mid-term paper should put the doctoral student’s research in perspective and in the proper scientific context, including a review of the field's literature. The doctoral student should address the important theoretical and methodological issues in the field. The mid-term paper can be viewed as a seed of the main introductory chapter of the thesis.

The mid-term paper should also include reflections on the results achieved so far and the forthcoming steps in the thesis project. In terms of length, the report should be between 10 and 20 pages.

Any publications, manuscripts and preliminary results by the doctoral student should be attached. The guideline is at least one manuscript.

The mid-term seminar

The departmental representative announces the mid-term seminar and invites everyone in the department to attend. A reviewer is appointed by the departmental representative. The reviewer should hold the qualifications necessary for an associate professorship (docent) and be employed by Lund University. The opponent should receive the mid-term paper at least one week before the seminar.

The doctoral student starts the seminar by presenting the mid-term paper for around 30 minutes. After the presentation, the reviewer asks questions and leads the discussion. Finally, the floor is open to questions from the audience.

The result of the mid-term review is reported by the department representative on the web form Resultat av halvtidsutvärdering (in Swedish on our Swedish internal website) In connection with the completion of the mid-term review, the departmental representative should offer the doctoral student a career planning discussion. A brief account of that meeting should be included in the report, including any changes in the planning and the individual study plan (ISP).

If the mid-term review is not approved, the doctoral student has up to two opportunities within the following 6 months to revise the paper and/or hold another seminar. If the new mid-term review is still not approved, the department will conduct a special investigation.


The mid-term review evaluates the progress of the doctoral studies. The paper and the seminar test the student’s knowledge of and familiarity with the research field and their skills in planning, evaluation and analysis of independent research.

The paper should show that the student understands the major methodological and theoretical advances of the field and that they can identify the important challenges and scientific frontiers. The student should be able to identify the relevant literature and put their research into a wider context.

In the seminar, the student should show the ability to give a scientific presentation and the ability to respond to questions and scholarly discuss his or her own research.

The paper and the seminar should together demonstrate that the student has made sufficient progress and has the ability to pursue the education successfully toward graduation.

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