Courses and literature examination


According to the General Syllabus in Biology (on the Faculty of Science website), the doctoral student must earn at least 60 credits from attending and passing courses. Some courses are compulsory, others are elective. Each doctoral student should discuss with their supervisors which courses are relevant.

Compulsory courses

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Compulsory course when working with laboratory animals

Laboratory animal science for researchers

Other PhD courses at the department

Here are the other postgraduate courses we offer in Biology (at our external website)

Literature Examination

Advice and instructions concerning literature examination during postgraduate studies in Biology

A doctoral student’s Individual Study Plan should, but is not obliged to, include a literature course (point 4.3.A.2. in the General Curriculum for Postgraduate Studies in Biology). The Principal Supervisor, together with the doctoral student, plans a literature course with a scope that usually varies from one case to another.

The Examiner, in dialogue with the doctoral student and the Principal Supervisor, sets the literature course. At that time the following are also specified:

  • who is appointed by the Examiner as the "de facto Examiner" (the Examiner him- or herself, the Principal Supervisor, the Assistant Supervisor or another person with the necessary subject knowledge) of the individual components of the literature course. It is always the Examiner who ultimately exercises public authority in the examination of the literature course (the "signatory").
  • the credits set for each component in the literature course. An average book within the subject area is worth around 5 credits, but this can, of course, vary depending on the size of the book(s).

The literature course should be compiled in such a way as to provide both in-depth coverage of the thesis area and a certain broadening beyond it.

The form of the literature examination is free, from individual oral (or written) examination to group discussions, seminars or, for example, brief presentations on the content and message of the book in question.

Credits for participation at national and international meetings

  • Poster (1.5 cr)
  • Oral presentation (3 cr)