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Career Planning Meeting

All doctoral students are required to have a Career Planning Meeting with their Supervisory Committee in the semester before the public defence of their thesis and before the last doctoral student Progress Meeting. The appraisal is to be used to discuss your future career plans with the aim of helping you find interesting and realistic career opportunities.

A guide to the Career Planning Appraisal is available as a document (pdf; 289 kB; new window) with a number of questions. Before the meeting, both the doctoral student and the Supervisors are to prepare notes to help in the discussion. On the last page of the Career Planning Meeting document is a form with space for a summary of the appraisal. A copy signed by all those involved is to be sent to the Human Resources Administrator for archiving.

Careers service at Lund University

An administrator will archive all documents relating to doctoral students and their postgraduate studies.

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