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Biology in Lund Annual Meeting (BLAM)

16–17 April 2020
The BLAM meeting brings all biologists in Lund together during a two-day conference where our science is presented and discussed.

All talks during the meeting are given by the department's PhD students, except two. These are presented by the external keynote speakers who are also engaged in the various activities throughout the meeting. The external guests are also members of the jury for the "Best oral presentation" and "Best poster" prizes. The BLAM is ended by a splendid banquet.

Who should participate?

All at the Department of Biology in Lund are encouraged to participate. Except for the two invited speakers, only PhD students are giving talks and presenting posters


Student talks are no longer than 15 min. A minimum of 5 minutes are open for questions and comments. Presentations are accepted in the Powerpoint, Keynote and PDF formats. Submit abstracts when you register.

Advice for how to give a good talk.

Flash talks

Flash talks are 3 minutes long, with 1 question at the end. The goal is to present a research idea, not necessarily any specific data or results.


Posters must be mounted at the beginning of the conference. The preferred format is portrait A0 (841*1189 mm) but if you already have a poster that you would like to bring in another format, please contact the organizers and we will arrange a special mounting spot for you. You will be assigned a space for the poster and equipment to hang it up by the conference organizers. The main poster session will be during the coffee break on day two.

All presentations and posters should be in English.


The "Best oral presentation" and the "Best poster" awards will be decided by a jury of five people, including the invited keynote speakers. The "Best oral presentation" award is a SEK 10 000 travel grant. The "Best poster" award is a SEK 8 000 travel grant. The awards should typically be claimed within a year or at the latest before the thesis defense.

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