SACT Scientific and social activities

We are working to integrate staff through scientific activities for all. Activities include seminars, bird watching, museum tours, mushroom picking excursions etc. Seminars are usually held on Thursdays, starting at 13:15 in the Blue Hall in the Ecology building. Excursions may take place at other times.

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I morse var det återigen dags för SACTs årliga fågelexkursion till Krankesjön. I år var vi tio personer som träffades ut...
Idag ordnade SACT en presentation av institutionens infrastruktur. Tobias Uller som är ordförande i Biologiska instituti...
Today, in a joint seminar arranged by both SACT and BECC, the science journalist Lisa Kirsebom talked about science comm...


Nathalie Feiner
Evolutionary Ecology

E-mail: Nathalie [dot] Feiner [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se