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The labor legislation will change this autumn

We expect a change in labour legislation that comes into force on 1 October this year. What is happening in the autumn is that general fixed-term employment, which is all fixed-term employment including hourly, but not temporary employment, disappears as a form of employment and is replaced by special fixed-term employment (Särskild visstidsanställning – SÄVA).

The new preferential right requires increased administration and may possibly mean more conversions to permanent employment. In order not to end up in too many restructuring processes, we must have a higher degree of a long-term perspective.

The following will apply for the new Säva employment: 

  • A SÄVA turns into permanent employment when the employee has been employed in (SÄVA) for a total of more than twelve months for a five-year period.
  • Employed in SÄVA for a total of more than nine months (over the past three years) has preferential rights for re-employment in new SÄVA. 
  • For an employee who has had three or more SÄVA during one and the same calendar month, the time between the employments must also be counted as employment time. (This means that if you work on hourly employment on at least three occasions for one month, the period of employment is counted from the first to the last occasion which means that hourly employees can be transferred to permanent employment very quickly).
  • The concept of the month means a normal month of 30 days, a year of employment is thus 360 days.

This means for the department that hourly employees and fixed-term employees are converted faster to permanent employment. 

The postdoctoral position has already been changed. Previously, you could only be employed as a postdoctoral for two years. Now the maximal length of the employment is three years and thereafter you have the opportunity for one year as a researcher before the employee becomes a permanent position. This makes this kind om employment more flexible to use.