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Parmelia Ach. s. str. in the southern Baltic region

  • Arne Thell
  • Andrei Tsurykau
  • Per-Erik Persson
  • Mats Hansson
  • Emil Åsegård
  • Ingvar Kärnefelt
  • Mark R. D. Seaward
Publishing year: 2017
Language: English
Document type: Poster

Abstract english

The distinguishing morphological and chemical characters of nine species of Parmelia Ach. s. str. occurring in the southern Baltic region, namely P. barrenoae Divakar et al., P. ernstiae Feuerer & A. Thell, P. fraudans (Nyl.) Nyl., P. omphalodes (L.) Ach. (including both subspecies P. omphalodes ssp. discordans (Nyl.) Skult and P. omphalodes ssp. omphalodes, P. pinnatifida Kurok., P. saxatilis (L.) Ach., P serrana A. Crespo et al., P. submontana Nádv. ex Hale and P. sulcata Taylor, are presented. Four of the species are cryptic or semi-cryptic, being recent segregates from P. saxatilis and P. sulcata based primarily on evidence derived from molecular analyses. P. ernstiae was formerly believed to be chemically distinct from P. serrana by the presence of lobaric acid, but recently this has been reported in both species. Furthermore, three chemotypes of P. serrana have been found by TLC in solvents A, C and G: 1) atranorin, consalazinic, salazinic and lichesterinic acids; 2) atranorin, consalazinic, salazinic, protolichesterinic and lichesterinic acids; 3) atranorin, consalazinic, salazinic, protolichesterinic, lichesterinic and lobaric acids. The first chemotype is rarely found while the other two appear to be common. At least three of the species, P. ernstiae, P. serrana and P. submontana are increasing in frequency in the region and spreading northwards.


  • Botany


XX Symposium of Baltic Mycologists and Lichenologists
2017-09-25 - 2017-09-29
Gdansk, Poland
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