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Anatomy and systematics of usneoid genera in the Parmeliaceae.

  • Ingvar Kärnefelt
  • Karin Emanuelsson
  • Arne Thell
Publishing year: 1998
Language: English
Pages: 71-92
Publication/Series: Nova Hedwigia: Zeitschrift für Kryptogamenkunde
Volume: 67
Issue: 1-2
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: J. Cramer in der Gebrüder Borntraeger Verlagsbuchhandlung

Abstract english

The anatomy of 11 genera earlier included in the Usneaceae, i.e. Bryocaulon Karnef., Chondropsis NyI., Cornicularia Hoffm., Evernia Ach., Everniopsis Nyl., Himantormia Lamb, Letharia (Th. Fr.) Zahlbr., Lethariella (Mot.) Krog, Protousnea (Mot.) Krog, Pseudevernia Zopf and Usnea Adanson have been examined. Particular emphasis has been paid to the development of the apothecia and the formation of a meristematic cupular exciple, characters in cortex, asci and conidia. In this respect the examined material does not deviate from other genera included in the Parmeliaceae, and a separate family Usneaceae is not supported.


  • Botany
  • cetrarioid lichens
  • genus
  • key
  • lichens ascomycotina


  • ISSN: 0029-5035
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