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Retreating lichens in southernmost Sweden.

  • Ingvar Kärnefelt
  • Ulf Arup
  • Stefan Ekman
  • Volkmar Wirth
Publishing year: 1990
Language: English
Pages: 17-27
Publication/Series: Mapping of lichens in Europe. Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Naturkunde
Volume: 456
Document type: Book chapter
Publisher: Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde

Abstract english

The current Status of 94 liehen species, of which 83 are extracted from the Swedish Red Data list, has been investigated in Skåne, the southernmost province of Sweden. The results, including over 1000 field records, indicate a retreat connected with environmental problems, especially

air pollution. 41 species have disappeared, 16 species are considered endangered, 11 species are considered vulnerable, 7 species have become rare and 7 other species are care-demanding.

Three species are increasing in frequency. Maps of past and present distributions are presented for Bacidia rosella, Fellhanera bouteillei, Gyalecta ulmi, Lecanactis amylacea, Opegrapba vermicellifera, Parmelia revoluta, Phlyctis agelaea, Pyrenula nitida, Ramalina obtusata and Sticta fuliginosa.


  • Botany


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