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A synthesis of animal movement across scales

  • L-A Hansson
  • Susanne Åkesson
  • Christer Brönmark
  • Ben Chapman
  • Anders Hedenström
  • Johan Hollander
  • Christoffer Johansson
  • Miriam Liedvogel
  • Åke Lindström
  • Max Lundberg
  • Rachel Muheim
  • Jan-Åke Nilsson
  • Henrik G. Smith
  • Glenn Svensson
  • Helena Westerdahl
  • Lars-Anders Hansson
  • Susanne Åkesson
Publishing year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 259-267
Document type: Book chapter
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Abstract english

This chapter aims at synthesizing the knowledge presented in the chapters of the book’s three sections by addressing evolutionary compromises, dispersal, gene flow, and assisted movements. How climate change and other environmental changes at different scales may affect animal movement, migration, and dispersal in the future are also summarized here. Moreover, how the different senses are utilized for navigation and orientation and how these may lead to different movement and migration patterns are also discussed. Finally, how the recent technical revolution has affected animal movement research is addressed and the view on future perspectives of animal movement research is also provided.


  • Climate Research
  • Ecology


  • Lund Vision Group
  • ISBN: 9780199677184
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