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Glenn Svensson

Researcher | Docent

What I work with

My research interest is focused on how insects use chemical signals to find mates and host plants. I am using moths and beetles as model systems to study both basic and applied aspects of insect chemical ecology.

I am teaching in undergraduate courses on chemical ecology, sensory biology and animal ecology.

My background

Born 1972 in Växjö, Sweden. Studied biology at Lund University where I got my B.Sc. in 1998. Received my Ph.D. in chemical ecology and ecotoxicology at the same university in 2002 (thesis title Disruption of moth mating behaviour by olfactory and auditory cues). I spent a few years abroad as a postdoc (USA 2003-2005, Japan 2006) before returning back to Lund.

My latest publications

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