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Fredrik Johansson

Assiociatd Senior Lecturer | PhD


My interest in natural science brought me to Lund University, where I started the program for upper-secondary (Swedish gymnasium) teacher in Science and Physics 1994. After a semester at Texas Tech University, USA where I studied atmospheric and geoscience, I worked as upper-secondary teacher for three years before turning back to the university in 2002 to get a master degree in Biophysics, thereby turning from large systems i.e. universe and the atmosphere, towards systems on the micro-nano scale i.e. cells and subcellular structures. During this time, thanks to an interdicipline project in axonal guidance on nanoimprinted patterns, I came in contact with professor Martin Kanje at the Department of Cell and Organism Biology. After one year as research engineer at the department of Cell and Organism Biology I started my PhD with professor Kanje as supervisor. In 2008 I finished my PhD with the thesis “Controlled axonal outgrowth and cell reactions to nanostructures” and in 2009 I was appointed a position as Assistant Senior Lecturer. Beside my position here at the Biology department, I am also associated to the Neuronano Research Center and The Nanometer Structure Consortium at Lund University.

Neuro-nano: how nerve cells interact with micro and nano-structures

My research interest falls into the broad field of regenerative medicine, with emphasis on the way nerve cells and other cell types are affected by small, typically submicron artificial structures. Most sub parts and organelles of a eukaryotic cell are per definition nanostructures, and it is presumed that nano-structures, both natural and artificial should have large impact on various cell functions. Although many biomedical applications may come from these studies, the basic science behind this fascinating interaction between cells and manmade structures is the foundation of my research.

Images showing living animal cells cultured on nano fibers
Electron microscope images of cells cultured on plastic nano fibers

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