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Animal Ecology

120 credits

New Master's student 2018. Information (pdf)

The master's programme comprises 2 years of full time studies, with at least 90 credits at advanced level in Biology. Teaching is carried out in the form of courses, primarily in modules worth 15 credits and a Degree project for one or two semesters. You will learn how to analyse and understand evolutionary processes at the levels of genes, individuals and populations. You use modern field- and laboratory methods in studies of ecological and evolutionary issues applied on animals in basic research as well as applied conservation-related research.

Completed Master's Degree Projects in Biology

Prerequisites and application at Lund University course database

Course overview, Master student's in Biology (pdf)

Recommended course of study

Year 1



Year 2




Degree requirements

Courses corresponding to 120 credits, of which should encompass

  • 60 cr. advanced level courses in Biology of which BIOR69 and BIOR35 are mandatory
  • 30 cr. Degree project
  • 30 cr. optional courses or continuation of Degree project

Degree requirements detailed information (pdf)

Degree title

Master of Science (Two Years)
Major: Biology with specialization in Animal Ecology

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Study coordinator

Lotta Persmark
Study advisor
Education office

Telehone: +46 46-222 37 28
E-mail: Lotta [dot] Persmark [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Programme coordinator

Dennis Hasselquist

Telephone: +46 46-222 37 08
E-mail: Dennis [dot] Hasselquist [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se