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Proposals for master’s degree project in molecular biology

Interested in carrying out a degree project? If you don't find any of the projects below to your liking, please contact any of the research groups at our department.

Latest proposals in Molecular Biology

Read the full descriptions of the proposals below at our blog Biology Education, where you also find all current proposals. In Lund University Student Paper database you will find completed master degree projects.

Disruption of ompT in Escherichia coli using phage λ Red recombinase

30 October 2018
Aim: To create E. coli K-12 protease deficient strains and investigate if they are useful for recombinant protein production. The ompT gene …

How can insects smell humidity?

15 June 2018
Insects sense fluctuations in humidity. They use this sense to guide them in behaviors such as finding sites to lay eggs or to protect them …

Post-harvest phenotyping in potato

29 March 2018
A project from SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, in Alnarp Project description (30-45 ECTS) Start: September/October 2018 Th…

Identification of mechanisms behind tissue destruction in chronic infection/inflammation

5 March 2018
The rapid immune response, called the innate immunity system, prevents the acute inflammation/bacterial infection to develop into a chronic …

Genomics of the rockrose from Öland: Helianthemum oelandicum

16 February 2018
Helianthemum oelandicum, commonly referred to as the rockrose, is a low growing plant confined to rocky dry calcareous areas especially clos…

What is it like to see Sweden through the eye of a bumblebee?

16 February 2018
Main supervisor: Emily Baird Co-supervisor: Pierre Tichit Forty species of Bumblebees live in Sweden, and their buzzing flight can be heard …

Through the looking glass: analysis of oat & barley seeds using 3D X-ray & Neutron tomography

9 February 2018
Oat and barely are cereal crops mainly used as animal feed and in malting and brewing, respectively. However, there is an increasing consume…

Can WNT5A signaling affect the expression and activity of cathepsin L and B in breast cancer cells and thus suppress the invasive and metastatic properties of these tumor cells?

7 February 2018
Breast cancer is a solid tumor that originates in the duct and lobules and metastasizes to distant organs such as lungs, brain, bone and liv…
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