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Proposals for master’s degree project in molecular biology

Interested in carrying out a degree project? If you don't find any of the projects below to your liking, please contact any of the research groups at our department.

Latest proposals in Molecular Biology

Read the full descriptions of the proposals below at our blog Biology Education, where you also find all current proposals. In Lund University Student Paper database you will find completed master degree projects.

Discovering novel marker genes for mitochondrial dysfunction

Mitochondria are crucial for growth and survival of eukaryotic organisms. To allow efficient integration into cellular homeostasis, mitochon…

Identifying the regulators of early “touch” responses in plants

As plants cannot move to evade threats, they must be aware of changes in their surroundings, including mechanical stimulation. These ‘touch’…

Understanding molecular processes in barley

In our research group we are trying to understand molecular process in plants related to design of plant architecture, time to flowering, ch…

In situ modification of postharvest shelf-life properties in crop leaves

The post harvest longevity of leaf crop products depends on both external biotic influence as well as internal senescence-promoting and -ant…

New targets to study chronic pain

Chronic pain is a public health problem in need of new and improved treatment options. It is often difficult to diagnose the cause of chroni…

Mycobacterial suppression of adaptive immunity – implications for vaccine development

Mycobacteria, and particularly Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), represent a major threat to human health globally. About one third of the w…

Interactions between plants and fungal peptides

Benevolent fungi protect plants and are therefore used for biocontrol of pathogens. In particular, Trichoderma fungi kill bacteria and other…

NAD(P)H redox regulation in plants

  The soluble redox carriers NAD(H) and NADP(H) are central mediators of reductant between metabolic processes, energy transduction and…
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