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Proposals for master’s degree project in molecular biology

Interested in carrying out a degree project? If you don't find any of the projects below to your liking, please contact any of the research groups at our department.

Latest proposals in Molecular Biology

Read the full descriptions of the proposals below at our blog Biology Education, where you also find all current proposals. In Lund University Student Paper database you will find completed master degree projects.

IAPP in Alzheimer’s disorder and amyloid beta accumulation

16 March 2020
Alzheimer’s disorder (AD) is characterized by depositions of toxic aggregates of amyloid beta (called senile plaques) and enhance phosphoryl…

Elucidating the Role of Mitotic Bookmarking in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Reprogramming

10 February 2020
The project Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) continuously replenish all blood cell lineages. Their hallmark property is the ability to mainta…

Harnessing the potential of cell fate reprogramming for cancer immunotherapy

10 February 2020
The project Cancer immunotherapy employs components of a persons’ immune system to fight cancer. Some of these therapies rely on Dendritic C…

How do cells maintain their chromosomes without telomerase?

10 February 2020
Telomeres are specialized structures that define the ends of eukaryotic chromosomes and are essential for keeping their integrity and genome…

Project on biomarkers in prostate cancer

5 February 2020
The Urological Cancers group at the Translational Medicine department of Lund University (Malmö) is looking for a MSc or BSc student to work…
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