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Proposals for master’s degree projects in biology

Interested in carrying out a degree project? If you don't find any of the projects below to your liking, please contact any of the research groups at our department.

Latest proposals in Biology

Read the full descriptions of the proposals below at our blog Biology Education, where you also find all current proposals. In Lund University Student Paper database you will find completed master degree projects.

Genomics of the rockrose from Öland: Helianthemum oelandicum

16 February 2018
Helianthemum oelandicum, commonly referred to as the rockrose, is a low growing plant confined to rocky dry calcareous areas especially clos…

What is it like to see Sweden through the eye of a bumblebee?

16 February 2018
Main supervisor: Emily Baird Co-supervisor: Pierre Tichit Forty species of Bumblebees live in Sweden, and their buzzing flight can be heard …

Aquatic-terrestrial interactions in agricultural landscapes

9 February 2018
Background The flow of energy, material (soil, organic compounds etc.) and organisms across terrestrial–aquatic ecosystems is of major impor…

Evolutionary history of burnet moths (Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae): when and where did they arise and how did they become a globally distributed group?

9 February 2018
Background Butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera) are the second most species rich group of animals on our planet (after beetles). They are ubi…

Evolution of Multicellularity

9 February 2018
We are looking for a Master’s student with a keen interest in evolution and ecology. In our group we study the evolution of multicellularity…

The roll of wind in dung beetle orientation

11 January 2018
Dung beetles (Scarabaeus lamarcki) use celestial compass cues, for e.g. the sun and polarized light, to help them maintain a straight path w…

Why are the barn swallows doing so well?

1 December 2017
Background Farmland birds are declining rapidly in numbers all over Europe. Suggested reasons for these declines are farmland intensificatio…

Evolutionary Ecology of Plant–Insect Interactions

22 November 2017
Are you interested in plant-insect interactions? MASTER’S PROJECTS, BACHELOR’S PROJECTS or RESEARCH PROJECTS now available in the following …
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Specialization in Plant Science

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