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Course overview

The basic level courses are taught in Swedish unless English (E) is indicated. The advanced courses are taught in English unless Swedish (S) is indicated. The courses are full-time and 15 ECTS credits if nothing else is stated. a: first part of the period b: second part of the period cr: ECTS credits o: online course pt: part time

Questions? Please contact the study advisors
Lotta Persmark phone: +46-46-222 37 28 e-mail: lotta [dot] persmark [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se
Christina Ledje phone: +46-46-222 73 16 e-mail: christina [dot] ledje [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

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Autumn term 2020

Spring term 2021

Period 1 (31/8-30/10, 2020)

Period 2 (2/11, 2020–15/1, 2021) Period 1 (18/1–23/3, 2021) Period 2 (24/3–4/6, 2021)

Basic level courses (most of which are offered in Swedish)

Basic level courses (most of which are offered in Swedish)

Ecology BIOC10 Human and Animal Physiology BIOC11 General Chemistry 15 cr, pt KEMA20 Animal behaviour E BIOF08
Cell- and Microbiology BIOA10 Biochemistry 7.5 cr, pt KEMA03 Molecular Biology MOBA03 Ecology BIOC10
General Chemistry 15 cr, pt KEMA20 Exp Design and Anal 7.5 cr, b BIOC04 Botany and Zoology BIOB10 Biochemistry 7.5 cr, pt KEMA03
Human Biology & Evolution 7.5 cr BIOF06, pt Chemistry of the Cell (E) MOBA02   Biostatistics 7,5 cr, pt MASB11
Human Physiology BIOC01 Genetics and Evolution BIOA11   Chemistry of the Cell S MOBA02
  Organic Chemistry 7.5 cr, pt KEMA01   Exp Design & Anal Biol 7.5 cr, BIOB11
  Nature Conservation BIOC05   Organic Chemistry 7.5 cr, pt KEMA01
      Faunistics & Floristics 7.5 cr, b BIOB12

Advanced courses (most of which are offered in English)

Advanced courses (most of which are offered in English)

Bioinfo. and Seq. Anal.7,5 cr, a BINP11 Ecotoxicology BIOR41 Applied Ecotoxicology BIOR52 Antibiotics – Biology & Chemistry 7,5 cr, a BIOR56
Bryophyte Morph Ident 5 cr o BIOR73 Evolutionary Animal Ecology BIOR81 Aquatic Ecology BIOR82 Biological Monitoring BIOR39
Immunology BIOR85 Fisheries’ Ecology BIOR67 Conservation Biology BIOR83 Cellular and Molecular Immunology BIOR75
Limnology BIOR17 Model Biol Syst 7.5 cr, pt BIOS13 Cons. Biol. – Theory, App. & Evid. Bas. Meth S, o BIOR70 Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology BIOR84
Marine Ecology BIOR65 Microbiology BIOR18 DNA Sequencing Informatics I 7.5 cr a BINP28 Microscopy – Bio-Imaging 7.5 cr, b BIOS08
Methods in Mol. Biol. BIOR79 Molecular Genetics of Eukaryotes BIOR49 DNA Sequencing Informatics II 7.5 cr b BINP29 Molecular Biotechnology BIOR31
Moss., Lichen, Fungi S BIOR11 (not 2019) Pharmacology BIOR14 Genetic Analysis I 7.5 cr, a BIOR59 Molecular Genetics BIOR61
Neurobiology BIOR58 Plant Function BIOR76 Genetic Analysis II 7.5 cr, b BIOR60 Ornithology BIOR51
Population and Community Ecology BIOR69 Processing & Analysis of Biological Data 7.5 cr, pt BIOS14 Immunology BIOR85 Plant Evolution and Adaptation BIOR77
Programing in Python 7.5 cr, b BINP16 Sensory Biology BIOR20 Molecular Ecology and Evolution BIOR25 Plant Systematics and Diversity 10 cr, o BIOR72
Soil- and Plant Ecology BIOR78   Molecular Microbiology BIOR63 Population and Community Ecology BIOR69
    Toxicology BIOR21 Water Management BIOR66
Applied work and research projects
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