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Research projects and applied work

Applied work, undergraduate level

  • BIOF20 Biologi: Praktik, 7.5 cr (5 weeks)
  • BIOF05 Biologi: Praktik, 10 cr (8 weeks
  • BIOF21 Biologi: Praktik, 15 cr (10 weeks)
  • BIOF30 Biologi: Praktik, 30 cr (20 weeks)

The course is an applied work and you are supposed to get to know a workplace with research- or biological applications. You are expected to participate in the every-day’s routines of the work place. By the end of the course, the work should be reported by a written report as well as an oral presentation. You are supposed to find a place, arrange the applied work, and write a report in the end.


The intention of the applied work is to get to know a workplace and to participate in such a large part of its business as possible. Alternatively, the applied work may be more project-based and performed in a research group. A supervisor at the workplace is responsible for organizing the student’s work during the agreed time period. You should plan the work in advance together with the supervisor. The plan should be signed by you and by the supervisor, and then handed in to the course coordinator for approval not later than the first day of the course.

During the work period, you should keep a workbook/diary. After about two weeks, you should contact the course coordinator and inform about the work progress. In the end of the course, a report should be submitted to the course coordinator.

Presentation of completed applied work

The final written report should be 2-3 pages long. It begins with a description of the workplace, and it’s activities and continues with a summary.of the operations you essentially have devoted yourself to. The report should conclude with an evaluation of the trining period, which should be directed to future students. Indicate whether the work has been interesting, if you had the advantage of your biological knowledge, and which courses and skills have been most valuable for the work? You may add a few copies of the work schedule, Pictures, illustrations, primary results or even a publication which you helped to create. Check with the supervisor, however, so that you do not include information that is confidential.

In addition, you should make an oral presentation.

The course is approved by the course leader when the report and the oral presentation is approved and after having received a note from the supervisor certifying that the work has been performed in a satisfactory manner. Only the grade pass (or fail) is awarded.

It is not possible to include more than 30 cr of Applied work in a Biology or Molecular Biology Degree at Lund University.


  1. First contact the course coordinator to discuss the applied work place
  2. Hand in a preliminary plan signed by you and by the supervisor to the course coordinator
  3. Approval by course coordinator
  4. Short statement report to course leader after approximately two weeks (e-mail)
  5. Hand in the final report to course leader, together with a certificate from the supervisor
  6. Oral presentation
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Entry requirements

  • BIOF20, BIOF05: 60 cr in natural sciences, including 30 credits In biology or molecular biology, is required
  • BIOF21, BIOF30: 90 cr in natural sciences, including 60 credits In biology or molecular biology, is required

Course coordinators

For Biology students

 Lotta Persmark, Lotta [dot] Persmark [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se, Department of Biology, Ecology Building, Sölvegatan 37, 223 62 LUND. Tel. 046-222 37 28

For Molecular biology students

Christina Ledje, Christina [dot] Ledje [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se, Department of Biology, Ecology Building, Sölvegatan 37, 223 62 LUND, Tel. +46-46-222 73 16

Registration form

Registrer through this form (pdf; kB)