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Molecular Biotechnology, 15 cr


Course description

Who should take this course

This course is an advanced course in the subject areas of Biology and Molecular Biology and is appropriate for students who focus on Molecular Biology, Bioengineering, Biomedicine and similar topics. There is a special focus on applied aspects within Molecular Biology and Genetics. Preferably you should choose this course at the end of your studies.

Course content

This course reviews applied aspects of molecular biology, production of heterologous proteins in insect cells (so called Baculovirus Expression Vector System) cereal plant biotechnology, and drug development. A special focus is on entrepreneurship and how to start a biotechnology company. Many lectures will be given by external speakers from small newly started companies but also from multinational industries in the region, as well as patent attorneys and commercialization support organizations.

The examination will consist of two parts. i) A traditional written examination based on the theoretical content of the course. ii) An oral presentation where you will present the business plan of “Your biotech company”. Students who fail the ordinary examination will be given an opportunity to re-sit this shortly afterwards.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Possibilities with molecular techniques 
  • Production of heterologous proteins in insect cells (Baculovirus Expression Vector System)
  • Cereal plant biotechnology (embryo rescuing, double haploid production, SNP marker development)
  • Drug design and development
  • How to become an entrepreneur and start a company

Application and prerequisites at Lund University course database

Syllabus (pdf; 88 kB)

Page Manager:

Study coordinator

Christina Ledje
Study advisor
Education office, Ecology building

Telephone: +46 46-222 73 16
E-mail: Christina [dot] Ledje [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Course coordinator

Mats Hansson
senior lecturer
Biology building A129

Telephone: +46 46-222 49 80
E-mail: Mats [dot] Hansson [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Course literature

Spring term 2019

No specific course book.

Course period

The course is offered during the second part of the spring term.The language of instruction is English.


Preliminary schedule spring 2019 (pdf)

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