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Aquatic Ecology, 15 cr


Course description

This is an advanced course dealing with both freshwater and marine systems. The aim is to give an increased understanding of the scientific process in general and a deeper knowledge base in aquatic ecology in particular. This course provide you with a solid ground for PhD studies in limnology and marine ecology, but it is also useful if you want to work within this science field but outside academia.

The course focuses on the effects of global climate change on aquatic systems. Global climate change has already had strong effects on aquatic systems and this will continue in the future. By studying effects of different aspects of climate change, e.g increasing temperature, ocean acidification, you learn more about the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems and how they may be altered in response to environmental change.

The course includes lectures and literature seminars, where we read and critically analyse the latest research in the field, as well as a number of practical exercises. These include evaluating global change effects on fish populations using data from national data bases, designing and performing experiments in the laboratory on interactions in benthic and pelagic/microbial food chains and writing a review on a topic of your own choice (but associated to the course theme). When performing the experiments you will work in close collaboration with researchers at the Aquatic Ecology Group, i.e. you get to work with the latest research issues under supervision of active, experienced researchers. The results from the projects are presented as written papers, posters and oral presentations and in a round table debate.

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Study coordinator

Lotta Persmark
Study advisor
Education office, Ecology building

Telephone: +46 46-222 37 28
E-mail: Lotta [dot] Persmark [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Course coordinator

Emma Kritzberg
Aquatic ecology

Telephone: +46 46-222 40 79
E-mail: Emma [dot] Kritzberg [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Course literature

There is no course book. Instead you will use literature that we hand out.

You will do a lot of writing within the course and we recommend the books

  • How to write and publish a scientific paper by Robert A. Day
  • How to write and illustrate a scientific paper by Björn Gustavii
  • Writing Scientific Research Articles, Strategy and Steps by Margaret Cargill and Patrick O´Connor or similar as a support to develop your writing skills along the course.

Course period

The course is offered the first part of the spring term. The medium of instruction is English.

Course evaluation

The latest evaluation (pdf)


Preliminary schedule (pdf; 13 kB)

Resit exam occasions

Resit exams