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Courses in Bioinformatics, Biology and Molecular Biology

We offer a wide variety of courses in Bioinformatics, Biology and Molecular Biology. The majority of our intermediate and advanced courses are taught in English. Our basic courses are taught in Swedish. Most of our courses are full-time courses and you are generally not supposed to take more than one course at a time.

The academic year is divided into an Autumn term and a Spring term. The terms are divided into two periods:

  • Autumn period 1 and 2
  • Spring period 1 and 2

A course of 15 credits lasts for one period. Full-time courses of 7,5 credits are either offered during the first part of a period (a) or the second part of the period (b).

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Term dates

Autumn term 2019

1st Period: 3/9–2/11
1a: 2/9–1/10
1b: 2/10–1/11
2nd Period: 4/11–17/1
2a: 4/11–3/12
2b: 4/12–17/1


Christmas holiday: 22/12, 2019 – 6/1, 2020

Spring term 2020

1st Period: 20/1–23/3
1a: 20/1–19/2
1b: 20/2–23/3
2nd Period: 24/3–5/6
2a: 24/3–29/4
2b: 4/5–5/6


Easter Holiday: 18 - 22 of April
Valborg:30 of April
Förste maj: 1 or May
Ascension Day Holiday: 21 of May - 24 of May
National day: 6 of June