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Careers of former students

To get a detailed picture of the careers and labor market for our Master´s students after graduation we contacted all former students who graduated 2011-2014. We managed to get information about 88% of these alumni (151 in Biology, 154 in Molecular Biology and 24 in Bioinformatics).

• 158 (48 %) had PhD-positions at universities in Sweden or abroad

• 133 (40 %) were employed and worked with biology/molecular biology/bioinformatics at e.g. companies, universities, governmental agencies or municipalities

• 16 (5 %) were employed, but did not work directly within the sectors of biology/molecular biology/bioinformatics

• 13 (4 %) were taking further education

• 9 (3 %) were unemployed at the time of the investigation

For more details about career and labor market go to Biology, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, respectively.

Read the career stories of our alumni within Biology, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics.


Jelena Čalyševa, PhD student, EMBL
Heidelberg, Germany

Sergii Gladchuk, PhD student,
Lund University Cancer Center
Lund, Sweden

Chayan Kumar Saha, PhD student,
Umeå University,
Umeå, Sweden


Arvid Lindh, PhD student,
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,
Umeå, Sweden

Quian Hu, PhD student,
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Can Kabadayi, PhD student,
Lund University, Sweden

Adam Nunn, PhD student, ecSeq Bioinformatics GmbH, Germany

Tracey Steinrucken, PhD student,
Western Sydney University, Australia

Alejandra Toledo, PhD student,
University of Roehampton, UK

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