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Chayan Kumar Saha

PhD student curious about unknown protein functions

I started dreaming to be a bioinformatician when I took a bioinformatics project work as part of my Bachelor’s degree in Bangladesh. I was amazed how the computer tools predicting the outcome from biological data. I always wanted to be the person developing tools for biological research.

Fortunately, I have got the opportunity as a Bioinformatics PhD student in the Dept. of Molecular Biology of Umeå University, Sweden. Our research aims at understanding the evolution of protein function and structure and developing bioinformatics tools for comparative molecular evolutionary analyses. We’re interested in how evolutionary analyses can be united with experimental investigation to reconstruct functional evolution of proteins, and to generate testable hypotheses about unknown aspects of protein function.

Before coming to Sweden, I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh. After that, I started my professional career with Roche and later worked for Sanofi, both are globally recognized pharmaceutical companies. Almost after three years of working, in 2016, I got the opportunity to study Bioinformatics in Lund University. I grabbed the opportunity and left the job cause, I had a strong belief that this will open the door of my dream.

As soon as I arrived in Sweden, I got the feeling that I have made the right choice because Lund university ensured the exact learning environment what I looked for. I got supportive people around me and friends from different parts of the world with diverse cultural backgrounds. My thesis supervisor was more like my guardian, encouraged me and always boosted me up with the confidence. Study advisor was like a shed above my head, always supported me every possible way she could.

Undoubtedly, the education at Lund University, contributed me a solid foundation, both in knowledge and in research experience, which is still fuel for my work. To my personal experience, I never felt alone though I was almost seven thousand kilometres away from my family. I can’t appreciate and credit enough the faculty and staff for their conscious effort in creating such an empire where personal goal can become achievement through developing skill in a structured way. 

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Chayan Kumar Saha

Chayan Kumar Saha, graduated 2017, PhD student

Master's degree in Bioinformatics