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Arvid Lindh

PhD-student with a balanced knowledge

I work as a PhD-student at the Swedish university of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå. My project is to evaluate economic values, associated biodiversity and ecosystem services for tree species native to northern Borneo. However, since thousands of species are native to Borneo, it is impossible for me to evaluate all of them. Therefore, I use functional traits to find patterns between important tree attributes, and the values they provide. My ultimate goal is to create models that can predict the value of a previously unstudied species simply by measuring a few basic traits.

I was accepted into my position while finishing my master’s degree project in Lund. So just a month after I graduated, I started my new position. I realise I was extremely lucky to have this opportunity, but I also think that Lund prepared me very well and made it easy for me to continue my academic career.

My masters gave me a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge of ecology and conservation biology, and applied knowledge about conservation in Sweden and worldwide. I learned to work with statistics in R, and broadened my education by taking courses in related fields, for example soil ecology. Additionally, I got a solid understanding about what is required if you want to work and be successful in academia.

Lund is a wonderful city, perfect for student life. I was very active in LUNA, the Science Student Union, which gave me useful skills that you do not get at the university, such as event organisation and union work. I can highly recommend for any new student to either get involved with your union or one of the nations. It is extremely fun, you make tons of friends, and you learn a lot.

Your university years become what you make of them, and in Lund, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and develop. It is up to you to choose which opportunities you take.

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Arvid Lindh sitting in a forest.

Arvid Lindh, graduated in 2018, PhD student

Master's degree in Conservation Biology