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Adam Nunn

PhD-student bridging the gap

Since graduating in early 2018 I have started work as a doctoral student in the EpiDiverse training network. This is an international collaboration with over dozen leading research institutes across Europe. We are attempting to bridge the gap between increasingly accessible next generation sequencing technologies and using them in ecology to study non-model organisms. Specifically we are interested in applying these techniques to explore the genomic basis, molecular mechanisms and ecological significance of epigenetic variation in natural plant populations.

Though I was fortunate enough to have worked already in the field of Biology for a few years before coming to Sweden, it was at Lund University that I was really able to fulfil a long-held ambition to transition into Bioinformatics. I can't credit enough the staff, the students, the learning environment and just the way that the system of education is prioritised on helping people achieve their goals. Here I felt like I was part of something that was always trying to accommodate my needs as a student, rather than just another cog in a machine that exists only to support "high impact" research that looks good for the institution.

Living in Lund is like living in a European microcosm, where you can meet international students with all varieties of backgrounds. It also feels like what I think a university should feel like! With the beautiful old buildings, and rich student traditions that simultaneously don't take themselves too seriously. There is plenty to get involved with in the different student nations, unions and clubs. Lund is a place that is both relaxed enough to find time for your studies, and vibrant enough to fill up the rest of your time.

I think everyone has a different and personal experience, but looking back at my own decision to study here I feel that it was one of the best decisions I ever made. My experiences at Lund University gave me the freedom to pursue my own academic interests, the confidence to use the skills I was taught, and ultimately moulded me into the working professional I always wanted to be.

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Portrait of Adam Nunn

Adam Nunn, graduated in 2018, PhD student

Double Master's Degree in Bioinformatics and in Biology, General