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Practical information

The university, spread throughout the small medieval town of Lund, is 350 years old and is the largest university in Sweden. Even though steeped in ancient academic traditions, the university is renowned for its enormous breadth of cutting edge research.

Getting to Lund

Lund can easily be reached by train from Copenhagen Airport. Trains leave the airport about every 20 mins, and reach Sweden via the bridge linking Denmark and Sweden. Single-direction tickets may be purchased at the airport for 150 SEK (all major credit cards are accepted). The train arrives first at Malmö, but after a short wait most trains continue northward, stopping at Lund about 15 minutes later. The entire trip takes a little more than half an hour*. 

*Due to the newly instated border control between Denmark and Sweden, travelling time by train from Denmark may be up to one hour. You will have to show a valid photo ID once you get into Sweden at Hyllie station.

Getting around Lund

Lund is a small town with a concentrated and charming town centre and a lively student life. An excellent network of frequent busses link the town centre to both the university guesthouse “Sparta” and the main location for the course (the Biology buildings). One can of course also walk: 20-30 minutes is all that is required to get into town. There is also bike rental system - "Lundahoj" - with bike stations all across town. A map of the University including the town centre can be found in the right column.


The unit of currency in Sweden is the Swedish kronor (SEK, or kr), and you will need to change currency as other currencies are generally not accepted. There are at least two exchange bureaus in Lund, and teller machines are plentiful, the closest to University is in the hospital main building. At the time of writing 10,6 SEK equals €1, and 9,5 SEK equals US $1. Sweden is not a cheap country, although it has become relatively less expensive in recent years. Expect to pay around 55-75 kr for 500 ml of beer in a pub. Lunch will most likely cost between 45 SEK (sandwich or falaffel) and 95 SEK (for a warm meal).


We will reserve space for course participants at one of the university's guesthouse - Sparta - which is within walking distance to the course. A supermarket is very close by. A kitchen is available for cooking, opening many possibilities for cooking together. Two accommodation options are available: single rooms (ca 560 SEK/night), and double rooms with two single beds where two course participants of the same gender (or if friends, of any gender) can share for a cheaper rate (ca 336 SEK/night/person). Both double rooms and single rooms are only available in limited numbers. There are also other accommodation options (pdf below) including a youth hostel, bed and breakfast and hotels of different price classes available, if you wish to make your own arrangements. You will indicate your accommodation preference on the application form.

Accomodation options (pdf, 63 KB)


September in Lund can be a little unpredictable. It is usually partially sunny and around 7-15°C and as a rule the autumn colours are well advanced during the time of the course. However, rain is also a distinct possibility. So bring warm clothes and good rain protection. This is most important for the excursion to the bird ringing station on the Falsterbo peninsula, where we always have wind!

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