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Payment of the course fee

As you know we are forced to charge a fee to offset the large costs of running the course. As of 2018 there has been a change in the arrangements by which this fee can be paid. According to Swedish law, it is not permitted for you as individual PhD students to pay the course fee from your own pockets. In order to ensure that Swedish law is upheld, it is now required that your University signs an Agreement where it guarantees that you will not pay the course fee yourself, and that the fee will instead be paid by your institution. Please note, this agreement is only relevant for the course fee - the costs of travel and accommodation can be paid from any source.

To facilitate this process the University of Lund has created an Agreement Form (docx) which you need to fill out and have signed by your Head of department. Text which is coloured red on the form needs to be filled out by you (or someone at your University). On the second page of the form there is space for up to 3 students from the same university to fill in their details. In other words we only require one signed form per university. An important entry on the first page of this form is the address to which we can send your University an invoice for the course fee.

Once the form has been filled in and signed by your head of department, the first two pages of the form (i.e. excluding Annex 1 - the course schedule) should be scanned and sent back to us by email as a PDF document (email to Sensory [dot] Ecology [at] cob [dot] lu [dot] se) Please do this by July 30th in the year of the course.

The University of Lund will then send your University an invoice at the address you have specified on the Agreement Form. This invoice should be paid prior to your arrival in Lund.

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