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Mentor Programme

Mentorship – mentor and student discussing.
Photo: Christina Rengefors

GENECO has run seven full Mentor Programmes since 2008 in collaboration with MIL ( It is an 18 month programme that runs in parallel with our research school. The Mentor Programme provides support in career choices, personal development, and networking. The PhD students can choose a mentor either from Academia, Industry or a Governmental Agency.

Why join the Mentor Programme?

The purpose of the GENECO Mentor Programme is to:

  • Strengthen the student’s network within academia, business and different government authorities
  • Support PhD students in their personal development
  • Support and improve PhD students’ career planning

The main benefits of attending the programme are:

During the 18 months of the Mentor Programme you will have recurring sessions with a personal mentor, as well as targeted activities hosted by a professional facilitator designed to promote your personal and career development. Last but not least you will have the opportunity to learn from and with your fellow graduate students.

With the help from your mentor, your fellow students and the program manager, you are in a position to take great steps and get new perspectives on your professional and individual development. The mentor programme provides an important complement to the support provided by your thesis supervisor.

Testimonies from previous participants:

“What I like the most with the annual meetings are the many opportunities to interact with everyone – the relaxed environments that encourages you to talk to everyone, even the senior researchers…”

“The mentor programme has helped me to think about things in a new way and provided tools on how to handle things I found difficult...”

“Invited speakers were always very carefully selected and often addressed topics that were otherwise rarely discussed…”

What’s the basic layout of the GENECO Mentor Programme?

Over an 18-month period, mentees have approximately 8-15 meetings with their mentor. Each meeting can last 1-2 hours. In addition mentees meet with each other 4 - 5 times during training seminars. These seminars consist of different activities designed to promote personal development and self- knowledge and are hosted by the facilitator from the MiL Institute. Example of topics: personal development, communication, group dynamics, change and ruling techniques.

All meetings with the facilitator from the MiL Institute are mandatory.

How do I get a mentor?

GENECO will assist you to find a mentor.

How much time and effort will the programme require from me?

The main purpose of the Mentor Programme is to function as an invaluable support structure during your most intensive development period as a researcher. The aim is to give you a personal and professional platform you need in order to succeed in a sustainable career. The periods under pressure are when the mentor programme can provide most value and benefit for you.

Who is the programme manager?

Johanna Steen is the program manager of the GENECO Mentor Programme. Johanna works as a programme director and facilitator. She hosts a variety of leadership programmes for managers in Swedish companies as well as specialised international programmes for women in management positions in the Gulf region. Previous assignments at Lund University includes the first mentor programme at the ClimBEco Research School and work for the network WINGS (Women IN Great Sciences). Johanna has a MSc in Psychology from Lund University and a background in hosting intercultural dialogues.

How do I apply for the GENECO Mentor Programme?

The next Mentor Programme is mandatory and will start 2019 and, you will receive information on the webpage as well as email.

Do I get a certificate from the GENECO Mentor Programme?

Yes, at the end of the course, you will receive a diploma from the MiL Institute.

If you have further question please contact Johan [dot] Hollander [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

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Mentor programme 8

Started February 15-16, 2018 at Elite Hotel in Lund

Next appointment

Virtual Check-in, date will soon be announced

GENECO Summer Meeting

5-6 Setember 2018. The Mentor Programme 8 will continue the meeting including 7 September.


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