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Previous Meetings

Summer Meeting and winter meetings

The GENECO Winter Meeting 2016 was held in Lund, Tuesday February 9th

see some pictures of the speakers and participants from the meeting

All photos are taken by Christina Rengefors.

GENECO Winter meeting 2016

Arne Hegemann and Jannie Linnebjerg

Emma Kritzberg

Arne Hegemann, Jannie Linnebjerg and Emma Kritzberg

Mikael Rosén

Mikael Rosén and Helene Ceplitis

Wolfgang Knecht

Olof Lindén

Torbjörn von Schantz

Wolfgang Knecht, Olof Lindén and Torbjörn von Schantz

The programme as a PDF (71,40 KB)

‘Sliding Doors: Key Decisions in Professional Life’
Venue, Agora Conference Center, Ideon, Lund
Program Tuesday 9/2
09:30 Registration, coffee
10:00–10:15 Welcome and GENECO news

Presentation by PhD student  Elias Broman, Linnaeus University, Kalmar

“Studying the life in ”dead” Baltic Sea sediments”


Presentation by PhD student  Anna Drews, Lund University

"Sparrows have multiple MHC genes but do all have the same function?"


Presentation by PhD student  Gaofeng Ni, Linnaeus University, Kalmar

“Resource Recovery with Extremophilic Microbial Fuel Cellls “


Presentation by PhD student  Jacob Roved, Lund University

“Effects of MHC genes on host fitness in a wild passerine.”

11:15–11:30 Legstretcher
11:30–12:15 Arne Hegemann (PostDoc LU)
Jannie Fries Linnebjerg (PostDoc LU)
12:30–13:30 Lunch (Café Inspira, Medicon Village)
13:30–14:15 Emma Kritzberg (Lecturer Biology LU)
Mikael Rosén (Head of SkaneCare)
14:25–15:10 Helene Ceplitis (Malmö Museum)
Wolfgang Knecht (LP3, LU)
15:10–16:10 Coffee and Structured Mingel with Speakers
16:10–16:30 Own reflection
16:30–17:00 Olof Lindén (World Maritime University and Linnaeus University)
17:00–17:15 Fruit
17:15–17:45 Torbjörn von Schantz (Vice-Chancellor LU)
17:45–18:00 Sum up
18:00 Walk to restaurant FinnInn
18:30 Mingle and dinner

The theme of this year’s meeting will be ‘Sliding doors: Key decisions in professional life’.

The task of the invited speakers is to present their professional career in a personal way:

  • What can a career can look like?
  • Why do different people with the same education end up with so different jobs?

In a career, there are a lot of decisions and PhD students will soon need to think about, to stay in Academia and do a PostDoc or perhaps leave Academia and do something completely different…The invited speakers have all done a PhD but today they are working in extremely different environments.

List of speakers:

poster session
Summer meeting in 2014. Photo: Christina Rengefors

The GENECO Summer Meeting 2015 was held at Villa Thalassa in Helsingborg, September 2-3

All participants gathered in a group photo.

The meeting started in the morning the 2nd and ended at lunch time the 3rd. The program included seminars from three distinguished speakers within genomic ecology, Caroline Dean, Jochen Wolf and Sophien Kamoun and research presentations from PhD students in smaller groups and a poster session.

Besides the purely scientific content, one extra goal with this year’s summer meeting was that we should learn the 4MAT method, a method for ‘helping anyone learning anything’. 4MAT was introduced by Caroline Bolmeson who is a science communicator in CAnMove. She has a background in diabetes research at Lund University, but at present she helps scientists to direct attention towards their research with presentation technique tools.

GENECO mingelTwo participants discussing during the poster session.

Here is a presentation of our speakers:

Caroline Dean

Caroline Dean, one of the speakers.
Caroline Dean studies the Control of flowering using Arabidopsis thaliana. On the one hand she and her group study the detailed molecular mechanisms that determine when the plants start to flower. She also uses the natural variation among wild accessions of A. thaliana to improve the understanding of the mechanisms and to see how this variation has led to adaptation of flowering control in genotypes from different climate zones.

Jochen Wolf

Jochen Wolf’s research applies an integrative approach to study evolutionary processes in natural populations. One of the main questions in the group is to understand the (micro) evolutionary processes and genetic mechanisms underlying species divergence. In addition, the group also use comparative approaches (macro-evolutionary) to study evolution across larger timescales. Wolf’s empirical systems include birds (swallows and corvids), marine mammals (pinnipeds and killer whales) and the European hemiclonal Pelophylax water frog system.

Sophien Kamoun (here on the left, with Torbjörn Säll)

GENECO Sophien Kamoun

Sophien Kamoun is ‘passionate about plant pathogens, effectors, genomics, and evolution’. The group of Sophien Kamoun studies effector biology of filamentous plant pathogens, particularly oomycetes such as the Irish potato famine organism Phytophthora infestans.

GENECO Winter Meeting 2015 was held in Lund at Ideon Science Park on Tuesday February 10th.

Group activity
Photo: Christina Rengefors

GENECO’s Winter Meeting 2015 was about Motivation: High & Low

The Winter Meeting drew the attention to two contrasting forces “motivation” and “stress”. In your profession as a researcher, novel research directions, new collaborations and grant writing are driven by motivation. However, failure with grant proposals, insignificant results or a high working load may indeed diminish the inspiration.

We invited Tina Thörner to learn more about “motivation”. Tina is a professional Swedish co-driver in the very elite of rally, has attended several Dakar Rally and holds three world cup titles. Her profession in extreme conditions has giving her profound experience about motivating people, being motivated and staying inspired.

We also invited Per Johnsson who is a psychologist and a Professor at Lund University – with an acknowledged experience of stress and physiological burnout in both clinical work and research.

Previous meetings

Table over previous meetings with invited speakers, selected topics and venue (pdf; 131 kB)

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