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Travel Grant Eva Sörenson

Autumn 2017 Iowa USA

Read about Eva's travel grant:

 I have just spent six very rewarding weeks in the Germs lab, in Ames Iowa, USA. It has given me the opportunity to experience many things that I do not have access to in Kalmar. I have received very solid support and help with the initial steps of my 16S and 18S analyzes – using a bit more advanced methods than I have ”dared” to use previously. Not only has it made my analyzes a bit better, but also made them more fun. I have also received help with my metatranscriptom data, but perhaps not as much as anticipated. Overall, these weeks have allowed me to focus on the analysis of my data and I have been able to spend time learning more about certain software and R packages that I have had a lot of use for. Some of the members of the Germs lab are well versed in different aspects of programming so I have been able to ask them for help occasionally, which has been good for me. The proximity to support has given me more confidence and I have been able to solve a lot of issues by myself – which I now take with me.

Apart from works I have been able to take part in the wide range of activities offered by the community around Iowa State University. I have been dancing both tango and ballet, and been camping in a thunderstorm. I’ve seen very clever stand-up comedy, read many books borrowed at the local public library and have been eating very tasty food. Finding vegan food in Kalmar may at times be difficult, but in Ames it was rather easy. On top of everything I have been fortunate to meet at lot of really nice and friendly people who have made my time in Ames into a real pleasure. One of them is a teacher in linguistics, so one day I found myself talking about the Swedish language in front of her class – which was a lot of fun!

So, thank you Geneco for giving me this opportunity!

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