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18-22 February 2019

Title: An introduction to systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Dates: 18 – 22 February 2019 (lectures will be Monday-Friday from 09:00 to 18:00)

Who: Shinichi Nakagawa with guest lectures from Johan Hollander, Tobias Uller and Charles Cornwallis

Place: Lund University

Course content: Over these 5 days, we will learn how to conduct a systematic review along with meta-analysis or a quantitative systematic review (note that a meta-analysis is a part of a systematic review although a systematic review does not necessary need to include a meta-analysis). We will cover techniques involved in a quantitative systematic review: 1) setting a question, 2) searching databases, 3) paper screening, 4) effect size extraction, 5) conducting a meta-analysis and 6) interpreting and reporting a meta-analytic results.

Format: The course will consist of lecturing, hands-on practicals and conducting a meta-analysis project as a small group (3-4 people). The project includes all the steps above with project presentations on the last day. For meta-analyses, we will use R along with relevant R packages, but we also use other computer recourses, for example, for database searching and paper screening.

Preview: The course will be an expanded version of this online tutorial, which only covers a part of “conducting a meta-analysis”

Requirement: Your own laptop computer with R and RStudio installed.

For students not affiliated to GENECO, ClimBEco or Lund University, the course fee is 2500 SEK + VAT. The fee does not include travel and accommodation.
Credit points: ECTS 1,5 points/ 1,5 hp for students.

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