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GENECO is open to all PhD students at Nordic Universities that do research within Genomic Ecology. More than 130 PhD students, from seven different universities, have been enrolled in GENECO since we started in 2008. The research topics of the enrolled PhD students range from ecological and evolutionary studies with limited molecular techniques to in depth genomic approaches in cellular pathways. The GENECO PhD students study a wide range of organisms, from bacteria and phytoplankton to fish and birds, and use a wide range of high throughput sequencing techniques and analyses.

Josefine Larsson

As a GENECO PhD student, you are expected attain the following skills:

  • Understanding genomic techniques and their research applications
  • Ability to design genomic research projects
  • Critical evaluation of research projects
  • Ability to communicate research ideas
  • Leadership and project management skills
  • Creativity and the ability to formulate project vision/concepts

We were recently awarded renewed funding from the Faculty of Science at Lund University and we are very pleased that GENECO will now run until 2022!

Applications to join GENECO are now open (apply here).


Steering Committee

PhD students

Cohort 2019

Cohort 2018

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Cohort 2015-2016

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Cohort 2012

  • Mireia Bertos Fortis
  • Susanna Gross
  • Josefine Larsson
  • Lokeshwaran Manoharan
  • Lina Nikoleris
  • Nerve Zhou

Cohort 2011

  • Andres Javier Cortes
  • Daniela Figueroa
  • Daniel Graf
  • Katharina Luehrig
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General questions

Bengt Hansson

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Questions regarding GENECO courses

Emily O'Connor

Olof Hellgren
Senior Lecturer

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Questions regarding administration, economy and other practical issues

Christina Rengefors
Project assistant
Department of Biology

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