Annual meetings

GENECO arranges two annual meetings, a Winter and a Summer meeting, on selected topics where the you get the opportunity to interact with invited speakers, gain novel skills and learn more about career possibilities inside and outside Academia. We have been very fortunate and have been able to attract top-ranked international researchers within genomic ecology to these meetings.

The Summer Meetings are held at the end of the summer and they are 1.5-day events inclusive of an overnight stay.

The Winter Meetings are held in Lund at the beginning of February and they are single-day events.

Winter meeting 2021

Winter meeting 2021 will be held on Wednesday 10 February. Considering the Coronavirus situation it has not yet been decided if the meeting will be IRL or online. Information will be published as soon as the situation is clear.

Summer meeting 2020 – online

We arranged the summer as a one-day online meeting 24 August.

This year we have invited speakers from within Sweden to avoid difficulties with international travel. The world-class research environment of Sweden means that these criteria by no means limited the caliber of scientists to choose from and we have four fantastic researchers who will present their work.

The speakers was:


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