Congratulation to your choice of education! As a new student at the Department of Biology, there are some thing you must know. We have gathered the most important things here.

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Regulations and recommendations from authorities and Lund Univerisity change according to the current Covid-situation. Keep yourself updated about what applies for the Department of Biology:

Corona/Covid-19 and the education at the Department of Biology

General information about the Coronavirus/Covid-19 that apply to all students at Lund University's central website.

Introduction and welcome letter

All our courses and programmes start with a mandatory introduction meeting. If you do not attend the meeting, you will lose your enrolment in the course. The spring term starts on 18 January 2021.

In good time before your course starts, you will get a welcome letter from our study advisors. If you are a master student the welcome letter may also contain information about how you choose courses within your program.

Sometimes our emails bounce or end up among your junk mails. If you have not received a welcome letter four weeks before the start of your course or programme, please contact our study advisors Lotta Persmark (biology and bioinformatics) or Christina Ledje (molecular biology).

We arrange introduction activities in August for our master’s programme students. You find the schedule for these activities in the learning platform Canvas.

Waiting list

Are you on the waiting list for a course or programme? Please contact our study advisors if you have any questions about your chanse of getting a place on the course or the programme.

Schedules and course literature

You will also find this information in the learning platform Canvas. You might also find schedule and course literature on our page that lists our courses

LUNA, the Science Student Union

As a student at the Faculty of Science you belong to the Science Student Union LUNA. The main objective of the Science Student Union is to monitor and participate in the development of education and conditions for students at the Faculty of Science. Besides this, the student union also arrange recreation activities and create an interface between you and your future career.

LUNA’s website

Things to do as a newly admitted student

On the Lund University’s central web pages, you find general information about what you have to do as a newly admitted student. There you also find a student guide and practical information for your day-to-day life in Sweden.

Lund University’s central web pages for newly admitted students
Lund University’s central web pages about student life in Lund


The learning platform Canvas is a tool for lecturers and students. You log in with your student account.

Log in to Canvas.

Portrait of Christina Ledje. Photo.

Christina Ledje

Study advisor Molecular biology, International coordinator

Telephone: +46 46 222 73 16
Email: Christina [dot] Ledje [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Portrait of Lotta Persmark. Photo.

Lotta Persmark

Study advisor Biology and Bioinformatics

Telephone: +46 222 37 28
Email:Lotta [dot] Persmark [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se