Master programme in Bioinformatics

120 credits

Bioinformatics combines biology, computer science and statistics to analyse biological data. The need for bioinformaticians has increased rapidly since new technologies in genomics and proteomics now generate enormous amounts of data, which need to be efficiently handled and analysed.

The Bioinformatics programme trains students from different fields in the computational analysis of biological data. The studies combine research with training in current methods as well as the development of novel software tools. As a student, you work in a new bioinformatics locality with state-of-the-art computers, so during the courses, you have extensive hands-on training. You also perform several bioinformatics projects in connection to international research environments.

Recommended course of study

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Year 1



Year 2

Elective, optional courses and/or a master's degree project

You find completed master's degree projects in biology and molecular biology on LUP Student Papers.

Degree requirements

Courses corresponding to 120 credits, of which should encompass

Degree title

Master in Bioinformatics (Two Years)

Prerequisites and application on Lund University central education web pages.

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Lotta Persmark

Study advisor biology and bioinformatics

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