Course evaluations

Here you find the latest evaluations for courses given at the Department of Biology. If the course is given in Swedish, the evaluation is written in Swedish (mainly basic courses), otherwise it is in English.

Basic courses:

Animal Behaviour BIOF08, 15 credits

Botany and Zoology BIOB10, 15 credits

Cell- and Microbiology BIOA10, 15 credits

Ecology BIOC10/C12, 15 credits

Experimental Design and Analysis for Biologists BIOB11, 7.5 credits

Faunistics and Floristics BIOB12, 7.5 credits

Field Faunistics BIOF04, 7.5 credits

Floristics BIOB05, 4 credits

Floristics – Intermediate course BIOF03, 7.5 credits

Genetics and Evolution BIOA11, 15 credits

Human Biology and Evolution BIOF06, 7.5 credits

Human and Animal Physiology BIOC11, 7.5 credit

Human Physiology BIOC01, 15 credits

Molecular Biology MOBA03, 15 credits

Nature Conservation BIOC05, 15 credits

Advanced courses

Antibiotics – Biology and Chemistry BIOR56, 7.5 credits

Applied Ecotoxicology BIOR52, 15 credits

Aquatic Ecology BIOR82, 7.5 credits

Bioinformatics and sequence analysis BINP11, 7.5 credits

Bioinformatics: Programming in python BINP16, 7.5 credits

Biological Monitoring BIOR39, 15 credits

Bryophyte Morphology and Identification BIOR73, 5 credits

Cellular and Molecular Immunology BIOR75, 15 credits

Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology BIOR84, 15 credits

Conservation Biology BIOR83, 15 credits

DNA Sequencing Informatics I BINP28, 7.5 credits

DNA Sequencing Informatics II BINP29, 7.5 credits

Ecotoxicology BIOR41, 15 credits

Evolutionary Animal Ecology BIOR81, 15 credits

Fisheries Ecology BIOR67, 15 credits

Genetics Analysis I BIOR59, 7.5 credits

Genetic Analysis II BIOR60, 7.5 credits

Immunology BIOR85, 15 credits

Limnology BIOR17, 15 credits

Limnology and Marine Ecology - Organisms and Habitats BIOR86, 15 credits (autumn 2021) 

Marine Ecology BIOR65, 15 credits

Methods in Molecular Biology BIOR79, 7.5 credits

Microbiology BIOR18, 7.5 credits

Microscopy – Bio-Imaging BIOS08, 7.5 credits

Modelling Biological Systems BIOS13, 7.5 credits

Molecular Biotechnology BIOR31, 15 credits

Molecular Ecology and Evolution BIOR25, 15 credits

Molecular Genetics BIOR61, 15 credits

Molecular Genetics of Eukaryotes BIOR49, 15 credits

Molecular Microbiology BIOR63, 15 credits

Mosses, Lichen, Fungi - Biodiversity and Conservation BIOR11, 15 credits

Neuobiologi BIOR58, 15 credits

Ornithlogy BIOR51, 15 credits

Pharmacology BIOR14, 15 credits

Plant Evolution and Adaption BIOR77, 15 credits

Plant Function BIOR76, 15 credits

Plant Systematics and Diversity BIOR72, 10 credits

Population and Community Ecology BIOR69, 15 credits

Processing and Analysis of Biological Data BIOS14, 7,5 credits

Sensory Biology BIOR20, 15 credits

Soil and Plant Ecology BIOR78, 15 credits

Toxicology BIOR21, 15 credits

Water Management BIOR66, 15 credits