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Edith Hammer

Associate senior lecturer | PhD

I’m a soil ecologist with a special interest in the effects of microscale soil structure on nutrient cycling and carbon dynamics, and on the mycorrhizal symbiosis.

Soils store more carbon than the atmosphere and living biomass together, therefore are carbon compounds entering or leaving the soil C storage system of large importance for greenhouse effect mitigation. Soil organisms, and especially mycorrhizal fungi, channel large proportions of fresh carbon compounds entering the soil ecosystem, and we want to better understand their role in sequestering and stabilizing or decomposing soil organic matter.

Ongoing projects

The Soil Chip

We work in close collaboration with the biomedical engineer Pelle Ohlsson to develop microfluidic chips that serve as growth habitats for soil microbes. We study the effect of small-scale physical structure and spatial chemical heterogeneity on behavior and carbon sequestration of microbes. Postdoc Kristin Aleklett focuses on soil fungi and PhD student Carlos Arellano on soil bacteria.


Biochar is a collective term for charcoal-like compounds added to the soil in order to improve its fertility. We are especially interested in the mechanistic background on how the soil habitat is altered by biochar, and in biotic, especially mycorrhizal interactions with its surfaces.

Mycorrhizae and soil structure

We are trying to elucidate the causes for enhanced soil aggregation when mycorrhizal hyphae are present. Pot and monoxenic experiments are being analyzed at micrometer scale for mineral iron-organic matter bridging that stabilizes aggregates, and for classes of carbon compounds exuded by the hyphae, with amongst others synchrotron light analyses.

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

In my earlier projects I’ve had a strong focus on the arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) symbiosis: the basic underlying regulations between host plant and fungus, and regulations in a multiple partner setting (aka common mycorrhizal networks), and the impact of salinity stress on AM fungi.

+++ I am looking for a postdoc to work with us on synchrotron based STXM-analysis of soil systems (even EXAFS). Welcome to contact me! +++

Short Vitae

  • Associate senior lecturer at Lund University, since July 2016
  • PI at Lund University, since 2015<
  • Postdoc (Marie Skłodowska Curie fellowship) at theRillig labFU Berlin, Germany, 2012-2015
  • Postdoc (Swedish research council FORMAS fellowship) in the lab of Iver Jakobsen at DTU Risø, Denmark, 2011
  • PhD at Lund University, Sweden, 2010
  • Undergrad studies at JoGu Universität Mainz, Germany
  • Research visits at MaxLab Lund (2011), SSRL Stanford (2012), Czech Academy of Sciences (Jansa lab, 2014)
  • Parental leaves between 2013-2014; 2016


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Retrieved from Lund University's publications database


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Edith Hammer
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Associate senior lecturer


+46 46 222 45 36

+46 73 244 19 68


Sölvegatan 37, Lund


Research group

Microbial Ecology



PhD students and postdocs

PhD students, main supervisor

Carlos Arellano

Paola Micaela Mafla Endara


Kristin Aleklett