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Two new species of Phanerochaete (Basidiomycota) and redescription of P. robusta

  • Sheng Hua Wu
  • Yu Ping Chen
  • Chia Ling Wei
  • Dimitrios Floudas
  • Yu Cheng Dai
Publishing year: 2018-04
Language: English
Pages: 425-435
Publication/Series: Mycological Progress
Volume: 17
Issue: 4
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: IHW-Verlag

Abstract english

In the current study, the new species Phanerochaete bambucicola and P. incarnata, from subtropical Taiwan are presented, while P. robusta is redescribed. We amplified the 5.8 s and LSU ribosomal genes along with RPB1. We generated an ITS dataset and a concatenated 5.8 s + nLSU + RPB1 dataset, which we analyzed using Maximum Parsimony and Bayesian methods. Our results suggest that the two new species belong in Phanerochaete s.s. P. bambucicola was collected on dead bamboo culm, characterized by the loose subiculum, the presence of leptocystidia, and the short lateral branches occasionally seen on the subicular hyphae. P. incarnata is characterized by the pink hymenial surface, and the presence of leptocystidia, which are usually covered with yellowish resinous material. The presence of enclosed, irregularly swollen, leptocystidia with oil drops is reported for P. robusta.


  • Botany
  • Corticioid fungi
  • Polyporales
  • Taiwan
  • Taxonomy
  • Tropical wood decayers


  • ISSN: 1617-416X