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Visual Tracking of Box Jellyfish: A Real-Time Motion Tracking System

  • Magnus Oskarsson
  • Tobias Kjellberg
  • Tobias Palmér
  • Dan-E Nilsson
  • Karl Åström
  • Jun Zhou
  • Xiao Bai
  • Terry Caelli
Publishing year: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 107-122
Publication/Series: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in Environmental Informatics
Document type: Book chapter
Publisher: IGI Global

Abstract english

In this chapter a system for tracking the motion of box jellyfish Tripedalia cystophora in a special test setup is investigated. The goal is to measure the motor response of the animal given certain visual stimuli. The approach is based on tracking the special sensory structures - the rhopalia - of the box jellyfish from high-speed video sequences. The focus has been on a real-time system with simple building blocks in the system. However, using a combination of simple intensity based detection and model based tracking promising tracking results with up to 95% accuracy are achieved.


  • Biological Sciences
  • Other Mathematics
  • Computer vision
  • animal tracking


  • Mathematical Imaging Group
  • ISBN: 9781466694354
  • ISBN: 9781466694361
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