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Dan-Eric Nilsson


After finishing a postdoctoral position at the Australian National University in Canberra in 1984, I started my own lab at Lund University where I earlier got my PhD. In 1990 I recruited Eric Warrant, and the Lund Vision Group started to emerge. A few years later, I got the chair of Zoology at Lund University. Later recruitments were Almut Kelber and Ronald Kröger, who substantially added to the strength of the group. After yet further recruitments the Lund Vision group now has about 30 people, forming a cheerful and creative research environment. The expertise covers most aspects of visual ecology and eye evolution across the entire animal kingdom.

For as long as I can remember physics has been the foundation of my understanding of the world we all live in. My early interest in biology was driven by a fascination that living things, particularly animals, so much resemble machines. The visual system is almost pure optics and electronics in a biological packing. It is a breath-taking experience to discover the enormous diversity of eye designs, and realize how it has evolved to meet different demands in different animals.

My current research interests are strongly focussed on vision in box jellyfish, but I also spend time on general questions concerning eye design and evolution. Animal visual systems offer a rich selection of finished and ongoing evolutionary experiments. It is just a matter of learning to read the results.


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