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Localities: access and regulations

This information will hopefully help you to get around in the Department of Biology. The department includes the Biology building (Sölvegatan 35) and the Ecology building (Sölvegatan 37).

Access to our Buildings

(specific opening hours apply during holidays/summer)

Biology building

The main entrance is A1, reached and visible from Sölvegatan and open until 17:00. Entrances B1 and D1, which are situated in the passage between houses B and C/D, are open during office hours, 7:30 – 16:30. When the entrances are locked you cannot enter with your LU-card. If you stay in the building after the entrances are locked, do not let unknown people in and leave before 19.00. Be sure to leave in time, because at 19.00 the passages between Houses A, B and D will lock and then you cannot access jackets, bags etc left in other parts of the buildning. No students (without special permit) are allowed in the Biology building between 19:00 and 07:30, or during weekends. If you or your group needs to continue working after 19:00 you are welcome to move over to the Ecology building (see below).

In the Biology building you need to activate your LU card daily if you use it as a key for the inner doors. Activation points are situated on the wall next to the lunch room in house A and next to the entrances B1 and C1. Laboratories, seminar, and lecture halls are accessible according to the schedule. Computer and group rooms can be opened by students with the LU card during opening hours. You are free to use the group rooms (N I-IX) on the ground floor of house B (when these are not booked for other activities), but make sure you leave them nice and tidy!

If you perform a project that requires extended access to the Biology building, talk to your supervisor for more information. He/she also needs to confirm the length of time for which you need extended LU card access.

Ecology building

The entrances are open 7:00 – 17:00. After 17:00 and until 20:00, as well as during weekends until 20:00, you can enter with your LU-card. You are free to use the group rooms (when these are not booked for other activites), but make sure you leave them nice and tidy and exit the building before 22:00. No students (without special permit) are allowed in the Ecology building between 22:00 and 07:00. You can reach the second and third floor with your LU card between 8:00 and 16:30. Also use your LU card to enter the computer room.

If you perform a project that requires extended access to the Ecology building, talk to your supervisor. He/she needs to confirm the length of time for which you need extended LU card access, and then this can be arranged by  Carl Sjökvist.

Note that no dogs are allowed inside any of our buildings, with the exception of dogs with a special permit (e.g. guide dogs).

Security and LU card

The entrances are locked and alarmed outside of office hours. If leaving the building when the doors are locked be sure to first press the “key” button located near the door. Do not hold the doors open as this will set off an alarm and an expensive visit from the security. Never let a stranger in with your card.

You can find information about where to get the LU-card at LU-card website. If you have problems or question, please contact the study advisors.

General rules

  • Smoking is not allowed indoors or within a distance of 15 meters from the building.
  • Eating and drinking in laboratories and lecture halls is forbidden.
  • Pets are not allowed indoors.
  • If you have rearranged the furniture in any room, please return it to its original position before leaving.
  • The department is equipped with waste bin stations for separation and recycling of fractions like clear glass, coloured glass, metal, paper, cardboard, other waste and brown bags for organic waste. Read the labels carefully so your sort waste correctly. If you are careless and put ONE brown bottle in the clear glass waste the clear glass can’t be recycled. For laboratory work, there are special instructions concerning contaminated waste, radioactive waste etc. Read the lab manual carefully concerning this.


Lockers for personal belongings are located in the Biology building:

  • A (first floor)
  • B (ground floor) 
  • D (ground and first floor) 

You must bring your own personal padlock. The lockers are only intended for storage during course periods. Always empty the locker after you have finished your course. In the summer we empty all lockers and remove remaining padlocks and content.

Computer rooms and copying

There are two computer rooms in the Biology building (one in house A and one in house D) and one computer room in the Ecology building. All computers are equipped with MS Office and web browsers. The rooms are free to use at all times, except when they are booked for occasional tutorials. Multi-function machines (print, copy, scan) are located in or near the computer rooms in the Biology house. Students are not allowed to use the other multi-function machines located in various places in the Biology Building.

In the Ecology building there are copy cards in the copying room on the bottom floor. You will get the code from your teacher. There is also a multi-function machine in the library. Laptops can be borrowed against a receipt from Jan Johansson in the Ecology building. You have to return them before 16:30 and you are only allowed to use them in the Ecology or Biology buildings.

You can only use the multi-function machines freely for course-related material. If you need to copy something for private use, please ask in the library. You may never download, print or copy illegally obtained material. See also the LU network rules

Shut down the computer you have used when leaving the room. If you are the last person to leave the room, turn off the light. Doors to the computer rooms must never be left open and you must never open the rooms to other people. Failure to comply with the rules will result in immediate suspension from the use of the computers.

Student’s rooms

There are student pentries in the basement of Biology building B, opposite the vestibule of Biology building A and in the Ecology building. These are equipped with microwave ovens, coffee machines, refrigerators, and some china and cutlery. Please, keep the pentries clean and tidy. Vending machines (coffee, snacks, etc.) are located in the students’ pentry in Biology building B, in the break room of Biology building D (at the end of the corridor on the first floor) and in the Ecology building pentry. There is a cafeteria “Marina” in the Ecology building, open between 9:00 and 15:00 during semesters. Here, you can buy sandwiches, snacks and light meals.

Relaxation room

There is a relaxation room in the Ecology building that can be used in case you need to lie down and rest. The key can be borrowed at the library. There is also one in the Biology building. Ask a teacher for access.


The library is situated in the Ecology building, which is open during office hours (9:00-16:00). The study room is acces- sible with the LU-card. Do not bring food into the library. To borrow books you need a library card. You cannot borrow periodicals, but may copy them. There are computers that can be used for literature search. The helpful librarians are available during opening hours – ask them if you need help.

Equipment for excursions and laboratory work

Field equipment can be found in the storage room Ekorren and in the labs in the basement of the Ecology building. Do not bring equipment from the basement to the laboratory Abborren ot the ground floor. Binoculars, GPS and similar equipment can be borrowed from the Janitor (room next to computer room at ground floor). Literature for excursions can be borrowed in the library

Fire alarm

In case of a fire alarm, you must leave the building immediately. Information about evacuation routes can be found on each floor. Read these notices carefully.

Biology building

In case of evacuation due to fire, the site of re-gathering is the lawn facing Sölvegatan outside building A.

Ecology building

In case of evacuation due to fire, the site of re-gathering is the open space outside the entrance of the basement at Naturvetarvägen 6A.

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Alarm to SOS, Ambulance, Fire brigade, Police, Acute poison info

Call 0 112 (You need the 0 if you are calling from an university phone)
Call 112 from all other phones

Other useful phone numbers 

  • Securitas 046-222 07 00
  • Akademiska hus jour 046-31 13 10
  • Medical Advisory Service 1177
  • Information about harmful substances (Giftcentralen) 08-33 12 31
  • Lund Hospital 046-17 10 00
  • Lund University switchboard 046-222 00 00

Healths and safety representatives

  • Principal health & safety representative (Biology & CEC): Erling [dot] Jirle [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se