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IT help for students

Some IT start-up-help for students at the Department of Biology

The Student Portal (

To login, use your Stil account, don’t not to forget the ending part “-s”.

Wireless network - Eduroam

How to connect to Eduroam, first method

Go to the wifi-list in your device and pick Eduroam. You will be prompted to type in a username and password. Use your stil-account, in this case ending with “-s [at] lu [dot] se”. For example aa1111aa-s [at] lu [dot] se.

You might have to accept an agreement or a certificate to connect the first time.

Second method

Go to and follow the instructions (they differ depending on what kind of device you use). Please note that this method requires a working internet connection.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

To access some university services from home or download software you have to be connected by VPN. Information about how to install VPN is available on the Student Portal (Services/Computer programmes download).


As a student of Lund university you can download and use a variety of software during your studies here. For example: Microsoft software like the Office-suite and Windows, SPSS, EndNote, Matlab and much more. The complete list and download locations is available on the Student Portal (Services/Computer programmes download). If you want to download software from outside LU, make sure to use the VPN-connection.


As a current student at Biology you are allowed to print documents related to your studies here. The prints are free for now and you can print from the computers at the institution, not from your own computer. Prints are black and white. Please note: if you are enrolled on courses at other institutions/faculties you will have to print material for those courses at those places – not here.


All students gets a Google Apps-email address with a Google Drive of 25 GB.

To login, go to (use the stil-account name ending with “-s”). Your default email-address is your stil-account(with the -s) but you can change it to a more easily readable address using the guide on the Student Portal (My settings/Change visible E-mail address). The alternative address you can use is visible on the Student Portal (My settings/Change my contact info).


If you need help with any of the IT-services or software, then please contact LU ServiceDesk either by, servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se or by phone +46 (0)46 222 90 00.

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