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Administrative and technical staff

Portrait of Jep Agrell. Photo.

Jep Agrell

Director of first and second cycle studies

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Johan Ahlgren

Project assistant

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Belinda Alvarez de Glasby

Museum assistant

Portrait of Arne Andersson. Photo.

Arne Andersson

Research engineer

Portrait of Ulf Arup. Photo.

Ulf Arup

Museum director

Portrait of Sara Bengtsson. Photo.

Sara Bengtsson

Human resources administrator

Portrait of Johan Bentzer. Photo.

Johan Bentzer

Project assistant

Portrait of Giuseppe Bianco. Photo.

Giuseppe Bianco

Research engineer

Portrait of Camilla Björklöv. Photo.

Camilla Björklöv

Technician, Health and safety representative

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Mathieu Blanchet

Research engineer

Portrait of Ella Bohlin. Photo.

Ella Bohlin

Finance officer

Portrait of Rune Bygebjerg. Photo.

Rune Bygebjerg

Museum assistant

Portrait of Johan Bäckman. Photo.

Johan Bäckman

Technology Coordinator

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Agnieszka Czopek


Portrait of Inger Ekström. Photo.

Inger Ekström

Information officer

Portrait of Jonas Ekström. Photo.

Jonas Ekström

Museum curator

Portrait of Fredrik Farhadian. Photo.

Fredrik Farhadian

Museum assistant

Portrait of Lars Fredriksson. Photo.

Lars Fredriksson

Service technician

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Patrik Frödén

Museum assistant

Portrait of Christoffer Fägerström. Photo.

Christoffer Fägerström

Museum assistant